"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do."

Mark Twain
  • +1.500.000 safe construction hours

  • 12 Languages Fluently

  • 3000 successful projects

  • +20% Annual growth ratio

  • In house German Engineering Department

  • In House Project Management

  • Advanced Technologies and in House R&D

  • Local and global availability

  • Qualified and certified

  • Single machine to entire plant relocation

  • Comprehensive & Combined services – from budget calculation till commissioning as turn key

  • Global network

Industrial 360 Video

  • 360-degrees video shooting for production lines and facilities.
  • Process: shooting – stitching – editing – finalizing.
  • Videos can be presented via computer, smart phones, tablets and 3D glasses.
  • Several single point videos can be associated with the main 360 video.
  • Usage: Analysis of construction process and/or production process.
  • Innovative views: Helmet / Chest / Forklift / Drone
  • It can reduce site visits and document tasks details for knowledge transfer.
  • TEC is developing latest technologies for special industrial use.

3D Laserscanning

  • Automatic, precise, quick measuring process for complete lines or buildings.
  • Process: scan – cloud – vectorization – measurement and/or modeling.
  • Outcome: detailed as built drawings, layouts and/or 3D models.
  • Usage: Planning for machines relocation, dismantling, extension and conversions.
  • Usage: Collision detection between 3D model and as built scan.
  • It can significantly reduce the need of site visits and increase planning accuracy.

Ducting Test Skid

  • DTS is a multi-functional test skid for all ducting applications.
  • TEC developed DTS to simulate the actual conditions of industrial ducts.
  • It can adapt to changing flow conditions and wide range of devices.
  • Usage (solids): Dust detection, loading factors and mass flow rate.
  • Usage (Noise): Vibrations analysis and active noise cancelation (ANC).
  • Usage (Training): Ducts balancing and airflow speed and pressure measurement.
  • Usage (Others): Testing new materials behavior in pneumatic systems.
  • Any special applications can be developed with our multinational innovative team.

Rovers & Drones

  • TEC is developing wide range of medium to large size drones and rovers.
  • We use cutting edge technologies and premium components in our products.
  • Our designs are flexible and customizable to adapt any specific industrial use.
  • Usage: Testing new sensors, high tech components and parts.
  • Usage: Aerial / Bird’s-eye view professional photography and videography.
  • Usage: Surveillance and security of boarders and/or endangered animals in wildlife.
  • Usage: Professional RC sports.

Research & Development

  • TEC is developing innovative ways to optimize construction services.
  • We always listen to our customers’ needs to develop new solutions.
  • We have in house 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing for developing new designs and parts.
  • Our engineering team can provide different automation solutions.
  • We are open for any technical challenge and development partnerships.

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